Want to give your kids the edge? Or perhaps your family is facing divorce, trauma, loss, anxiety... What if you can come out stronger & closer?

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Weekly lessons include exciting tasks to apply it to your life straight away in a way that’s relevant to each of you.


Simple enough for kids to do this on their own or together as a family! Plus additional bonus materials: self-assessments & parent resource guides included.

"The tools that Tribe Within have created are EXACTLY what anyone would need to know. It sets them up with the basics - the foundation... and a better understanding."

Maria Boros, Registered Therapist with special interest in family & foster care, Kent UK

Discover why Mental Health Professionals, Educators and Parents LOVE this course!

Includes weekly animated video lessons, downloadable workbooks, parent guides and much more!

I used to get really anxious. Now I enjoy making friends and break-times at school again!

Ollie – Age 10

It's tough being a kid these days but these tools go a long way to making life a lot less complicated! This is something that every family can benefit from

Neil Mackenzie, Deputy Head, Senior Primary School, Edinburgh UK

Awesome! A clear framework to think through difficult stuff.

Katie Innes, Mum to 2 girls